Kickbox Your Way to Fitness

The search for fitness has become more rampant because of the current rage in healthy lifestyles. The quest for overall well being and health through clean living, rest, nutrition and exercise has heightened. Kickboxing has been increasingly sought after as a means to this end. This is because it has been proven effective in enhancing physical fitness.

Fitness Kickboxing is a total body workout. It combines aerobics, boxing, kicking and martial arts and therefore provides a comprehensive workout of the whole body. It tones muscles in various parts of the body and builds up their strength. This versatility makes it a fun endeavour. It also ensures that no body part is ignored.

Fitness kickboxing also boosts one’s cardiovascular endurance through cardio training. With the faster, stronger heartbeat, there is improved blood flow in the body and effective oxygen circulation. The muscles of the heart are also strengthened with regular exercise and become more efficient, leaving one with a physically powerful and healthy heart.

Since it is a complete system of exercise, fitness kickboxing burns up more calories per hour than most exercise regimes (up to 800 calories er hour!) and maintains this even after several hours thus burning excess calories which in turn leads to a fit and healthy form. The calorie burn however depends on the time duration of sessions, one’s weight, intensity applied in training and the type of exercises undertaken. It is a very effective way of cutting excess weight and burning fat fast.  (To find out about our awesome Kickboxing classes in Patchogue, NY, visit:

The regular intervals of vigorous moves require training in the relaxation and contraction of muscles according to the move requirements. This reduces the muscle tension that people who are not fit have; thus enhancing litheness. It also boosts muscle endurance.

Fitness kickboxing classes my also use weight training or other resistance exercises to strengthen the muscles of the body. This along with the other movements works to increase energy flow through the body. This serves as a means to reduce stress. Posture is also improved with the toning of muscles which curbs problems like back aches which are caused by incorrect postures and unfit states.

The workout involved in fitness kickboxing require stretching as a part of the warm up to enhance the performance of the movements as well as to maintain safety while carrying out the exercises. These stretches improve one’s flexibility while the movements make one more agile and balanced. The acquired fitness can even reduce the risk of injury from falls.

Fitness kickboxing is not for everyone. It is a bit advanced in nature due to the vigorous nature it takes in performing the jumps, kicks, punches and other movements. At times, heavy bags and focus pads are used. With regular practice one can work up the endurance but generally it can be tough for a beginner. With discipline however, the conditioning of the body and mind make it easier in time as you become more fit.

The all encompassing nature of this modality works to boost one’s posture, flexibility, harmonization and self confidence. For those who prefer exercise regimes that are vigorous and incoporate the whole body, then fitness kickboxing is the best way to burn that excess fat, tone those muscles, attain poise, balance, energy and a stress free existence all in one. It is a complete fitness program.

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