How to Lose Weight With High Intensity Kickboxing Classes

How far do you go to maintain your health and fitness? Some people would go to higher (and sometimes unimaginable) lengths. You talk of that beautiful lean body, strongly built muscles, burning of that stubborn fat around your belly and the overall body strength. All this can be achieved by high intensity kickboxing classes. The workouts improve the endurance of the cardiovascular system and tone muscles. Rest assured that the exercises will make you feel more comfortable in your own skin than ever before. Let’s have a look at the benefits that the workouts promise;

Key features of kickboxing

For kickboxing to deliver the expected full body workout, it combines three types of moves (boxing, aerobic training and martial arts). The typical kickboxing classes involve: short-term warm ups, stretching drills, kicking drills and Bag work, and conditioning drills. These features are done repetitively at short, frequent, and high intensity intervals to effect weight loss.

4 benefits of high intensity kickboxing classes

  • Burns fats and calories at a faster rate than other techniques. Imagine a standing in front of the mirror and, saying,  “WOW! I love the shape of my body.” The workouts are believed to burn up to 750 to 800 calories within one hour; incredible!
  • The kickboxing workout combines a variety of movements which many people find to be enjoyable, and the variety helps diminish any sense of boredom with the workout. This makes those individuals to stick to the program and lose weight drastically.
  • It helps to tone your muscles through resistance training. This improves the body fitness as well as leads to burning fat.
  • Kickboxing workouts builds  balance and agility. This makes the road to weight loss smoother since the risks of falling and getting injuries is eliminated.
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Cautions of kickboxing classes

Although the classes have been proven to contribute to the burning of calories, it is reported that some individuals who attend the classes are at a risk of getting hip, shoulder or knee injuries. Imagine achieving your weight loss goals only to find yourself laid up with an injury. It is easy to get caught up in the energy of the class, but caution should be taken during the workouts to listen to the instructor and go at your own pace.

The workouts may be inappropriate for you if you have joint and other physical limitations. If you fall under this category, do not count yourself out; you can inform your instructor about the limitations to customize the workouts to fit your needs.

Targeted areas

The workouts are customized to produce excellent results all over the body. Footwork and kicking tones the muscles of the legs. Bending and rotation maintains the core part of the body while the arms and the shoulders are engaged with the punches and the blocks.

Frankly, no one loves to have an overweight body. High intensity kickboxing classes will certainly help you to lose weight as well as build stronger muscles. Take action!


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