Fitness Kickboxing For Women

Do you know that kickboxing may come with a steep learning curve? If you are looking for a safe and efficient way to shed those extra pounds, it is worth putting in the effort or time to get great results. All of the weaving, bobbing, rapid, kicking, and concentrated movement adds up to hundred of calories burned per hour. This will make the activity ideal for weight loss. When did you last apply fitness kickboxing for women strategies in your plan? Are you a woman looking to shed weight effectively through fitness kickboxing techniques? Reading through the rest of this article will help you discover the comprehensive details of fitness kickboxing for women.  And when you’re ready to start, try our fitness kickboxing classes in Patchogue, NY.  Check it out here:


From research and feasibility study, fitness kickboxing remains a complete exercise that challenges all major muscle groups. It will help to enhance aerobic capacity for women. It will also help in improving concentration, reducing stress, and boosting endurance for women, time and again. This is because it needs a higher level of intensity and strength than other aerobic exercises. Fitness kickboxing can also promote greater gains in stability, balance and strength for women.


Studies have shown that different types of fitness kickboxing often burn a high level of calories in women. However, the overall calorie burn will be determined by your fitness level and weight. From a reliable source, it is clear that a 155-pound woman can often burn about 372 calories during a half-hour fitness kickboxing exercise. This amount of calorie burn can be compared to karate and judo.


Cardio kickboxing combines martial arts, aerobics, and boxing together. It basically relies heavily on moves such as front kicks, jabs, and sidekicks. Tae Bo, a program designed by Billy Blanks is another fitness-based type of kickboxing that applies basic equipment to add resistance to high-intensity movements. Women can also use this program to lose weight and remain healthy. Records have shown that other types of kickboxing trace their origins to Thailand, China or the Philippines. In some cases, classes may involve direct combat, but most fitness based kickboxing classes have very little contact between participants. This will also help women to lose weight easily without any side-effects.


In a normal fitness cardio kickboxing class for weight loss for women, you may learn full-body moves such as the bob, boxer shuffle, and weave. Upper-body workouts may include cross jab, front jab, elbow dig, and hook. You can even exercise your lower body with knee crunches, roundhouse kicks, squats front kicks or sidekicks. Reading through the many points above, you will discover that fitness kickboxing for women is worth practicing. Apart from losing weight as a woman, you are sure to remain healthy and fit. Women who engage in this type of exercise will always glow with vigor, good health and natural physical fitness.

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